Airport Guides you Need to Know


Spending your holiday by traveling can be one of the most exciting experience, especially if it’s after an extended period of working, which is the perfect chance for you to recharge before you go back to work again. Let’s say that you’ve packed everything and are ready to go to the airport, but then you face some unwanted problems over here, and it can ruin your holiday experience. Do not worry; here we have listed several airport tips that you have to know before you go, hopefully, by reading this article, you can avoid any problems during checking, boarding and getting to your plane, make sure to read this article to find out more.

Find out what you can bring and what you can’t bring

luggageAirports are pretty strict on what you can bring, and what you can’t bring, and they won’t hesitate to confiscate on what you bring, in case it breaks the airport rules. Our tip is to check the website or contact the airport staff regarding of what you’re going to bring, just in case that you’re afraid it might get taken away in the airport. An example of what you can’t take to an airport is liquid; it is profoundly stressed that no liquid in any form or sizes is allowed during the checking process.

Dress casually

Yes, it can be quite cold in the airport, but we suggest to dress casually, probably one jacket and a scarf is enough. Why? The answer is simple as we’re going through a checking process, and during the checking process the staff will ask to remove any layers of clothing but the shirt and pants, which will take a lot of time if you’re wearing a lot of layers. So make sure you dress casually, to avoid annoying the staff and other passengers as you have to remove the clothes during the checking process.

Tip: dress with single but thick layers to make sure that you’re warm wherever you go, as it can be quite cold especially during winter.

Boarding pass

Screenshot your boarding pass and save it on your phone in case you have to show it, doing this will save you time in case the airport doesn’t have a good signal for you to show your boarding pass. Another tip from us is to print your boarding pass as well, just in case your phone’s running out of battery and you didn’t bring a power bank or don’t have the time to charge during in the airport.