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Apsis hotels is a different and innovative chain focused on our clients, that offers complete services for independent or small chain hotels.
Our secret for success is based on having been able to combine our experience, new, constant and renovated ideas from our excellent professional team with the latest technological advances in hotel management and sales. The outcome is that we can improve our customer service on a daily basis by offering the best quality.

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Our philosophy is that our clients are made to feel at home. Our hotels are defined by criteria such as modernism, commodity, comfort and always satisfying end-client requirements, because Apsis represents a winning idea, a life-style, Be apsis people!!

20 hotels throughout Spain currently have Apsis services, and within our international strategy we aim to open hotels in Prague and Budapest in January 2011.

What do we offer?

All independent hotels or those belonging to small chains, can benefit from the following Apsis services:

Integral Management
Other complementary services

Our mission is to integrate new hotels within our current portfolio, with the aim of improving and optimising, according to the situation, tasks concerning management, sales, marketing and communication for each and every hotel.

Integral Management

The aim of this service is to constantly improve profitability for each hotel. Management of the hotel is suited to the needs of every client so that they can choose the type of management they want us to carry out (integral or personalised, which could also include the management of the hotel).

In order to carry out this service we can work with the hotel personnel or with the personnel from our own chain, whatever the client prefers.

No matter whether it is integral management or not we constantly advise and help our clients so that they can maximise their results. Always under the image of our hotel chain.


Our mission is to integrate new hotels within our current portfolio, with the aim of improving and optimising tasks concerning sales, marketing and communication for each and every hotel.

Apsis ensures the permanent and constant presence of all our hotels in the best sales channels.

To obtain the most ideal and adequate product for each and every client Apsis carries out detailed, personalised studies of all factors that externally and internally affect our client: location, calendar, daily situation, strengths and weaknesses… From this we can get a different, competitive product, apt for every moment and situation.

Within the Sales service you can find EHoteling.

Complementary Services

No matter what type of service you contract with us, Apsis offers very special rates for complementary services. As the rates are negotiated through a chain of various establishments, the special prices and conditions are inferior to those obtained by an independent hotel.

These are financial services or supply and maintenance services, amongst others.

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